Monday, October 6, 2008

Some thought on the debate...and i brought clips!

(with contribution from Stephanie Sottile)

I decide to let the weekend pass before forming my complete thoughts on the vice presidential debates. One, so I can really take time to reflect and two because that’s how long it took my new tv arrive after I kicked in the old one watching Gwen Ifill not ask any actual follow up questions. (Now I know why Elvis felt).

The debate basically boiled down to a series of he said she said. He said something relevant and factual, and she said something completely retarded.

The woman is a moron. I sat there for 90 minutes watching this buffoon ramble on the 7 talking points that she had so obviously crammed for like some student preparing to give a book report the next day despite not having even creased the cover.

At one point she gave a shout out to third graders. Hey idiot, you’re on national TV. We can’t have the second most powerful person in the world hopping up and down on camera like the audience of Total Request Live, every time she gets on TV.
She did everything but hold up a “John 3:16” (by the way, that’s not a biblical verse, that’s McCain’s actual blood pressure).

Oh and by the way, it’s official: Shout outs are no longer cool. Sorry black people, they’ve ruined another one. When the white female governor of Alaska gives a shout out, it’s no longer cool. And shout outs are not for third graders! They should be reserved for friends, families, and baby’s mamas. You know like your daughter.

Though I was happy to see how proud she is of her diverse family. You must admit, it’ pretty diverse. She has a pregnant daughter and a down syndrome baby.Why you could start a hip-hop group.

And although I really would have wanted a more of a fight from Joe Bidden, I can understand his dilemma. It’s like playing chess against an orangutan. How do you develop a logical strategy. (and not one those smart helper orangutans either; the ones who paint and assist the handicapped. I’m talking about the ones that throw feces at you and attack you for bringing them a birthday cake at the zoo).

There was nothing more aggravating than watching this dummy, do her best to avoid answering questions and look like a clown then turning on the news channels to see people actually having the gall to praise her for her performance.
Am I the only one who can see what an idiot she is? Are the rest of these people blind or just stupid, liars or all of the above. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who can see it, like I’m wearing those sunglasses from “They Live”

Overall, she did much better then I expected. There’s two ways to judge a debate. One, is the expression of ideas, plans, beliefs and facts about your administration, and the other is the bullshit factor. As much as I hate it, the bullshit factor matters.

And now for you view enjoyment, some clips from “They Live”

and the greatest fight scene in movie history

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